What are the commonly used fire-fighting equipment?

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Fire-fighting facilities and equipment are indispensable in our lives and play an important role in safety; fire-fighting equipment refers to equipment used for fire-fighting and fire prevention; in all public places, houses have fire-fighting equipment; everyone is very aware of the importance of fire-fighting equipment; it has a relationship When it comes to our life safety, what are the commonly used fire-fighting equipment? This requires us to have a clear understanding, which is very important for fire fighting and fire self-rescue.

What are the commonly used fire-fighting equipment

1. Fire extinguishers specifically include dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, household fire extinguishers, car fire extinguishers, forest fire extinguishers, stainless steel fire extinguishers, water system fire extinguishers, hanging fire extinguishers, gun-type fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher boxes, and fire extinguisher hangers.

2. Fire hydrants include indoor fire hydrant systems and outdoor fire hydrant systems. Indoor fire hydrant system includes indoor fire hydrant, hose and water gun.

Outdoor fire hydrants are divided into two categories: ground and underground.

External fire hydrants are widely used in large-scale petrochemical fire-fighting facilities. Most petrochemical fire water supply systems use stable high-pressure water systems; fire hydrants are also gradually changing from ordinary fire hydrants to adjustable fire hydrants.

3. Demolition tools, including fire axes and cutting tools; the rest are fire protection systems; such as automatic fire alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, smoke prevention and exhaust systems, fire isolation systems, fire broadcast systems, gas fire extinguishing systems, emergency evacuation systems . 


Common fire alarm classifications

1. Disaster detectors: Disaster detectors specifically include temperature fire detectors, smoke fire detectors, composite smoke temperature disaster detectors, ultraviolet flame fire detectors, combustible gas fire detectors and infrared fire detectors.

2. Alarm buttons: Alarm buttons include manual fire alarm buttons and fire hydrant buttons.

3. Alarm: including fire sound alarm, disaster light alarm and fire sound and light alarm.

4. Multi-function alarm: The multi-function alarm control host mainly has wired and wireless defense zones (eight wireless four-wire defense zones): it can be connected to wired probes, wired door sensors, and wired gas detectors.

The above is about what are the commonly used fire-fighting equipment,.So, if there is a need, you can contact our customer service for professional answers at any time.

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