What should be noted in the procurement channel of fire equipment?

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Nowadays, both manufacturers and distributors have different methods when choosing fire equipment. Different sales channels have their own sales information, and users have more choices when purchasing fire equipment; For users, it is important to start from their own needs when choosing a manufacturer. So, what should be noted when choosing a fire equipment supplier? How should fire-fighting equipment be managed and used?

Precautions for selecting fire protection equipment supplier

Before choosing the purchasing channel for fire-fighting equipment, it is important to be clear about your own needs; Firstly, it is necessary to determine the specific model parameters for purchasing fire protection equipment, which often depends on the industry and the fire protection content in the industry's national standard requirements. Many industries have written fire protection requirements, and it is necessary to determine the purchase of fire protection equipment based on the requirements before selecting channels for purchase, especially ensuring that the parameters meet the requirements.

Secondly, when choosing the procurement channel for fire equipment, multiple factors often need to be considered, including merchant certification and channel guarantee; The authentication of merchants is relatively simple. Regardless of the online platform, website, or official website, there should be authentication information to ensure that the selected merchant is not a problem. Then, it is the guarantee of different platforms. On the one hand, it is the after-sales service provided by the merchant, and on the other hand, it is the guarantee that the merchant needs to provide and the platform should provide.


Thirdly, the selection of procurement channels for firefighting equipment should not overlook the detailed quotation, which is the key to ensuring a reasonable quotation; There are many ways to judge and compare the price of fire equipment and facilities, but the key is whether the quotation corresponds to the details, which directly reflects the rationality of the quotation for fire equipment and facilities. Therefore, this aspect cannot be ignored.

How to manage and use fire-fighting equipment

Firefighting equipment is a prerequisite and combat weapon for extinguishing various types of fires, requiring users to take good care of fire-fighting equipment and safety signs.

2、 Under non fire conditions, no individual is allowed to use or try to play with fire equipment and fire safety signs; When it is necessary to use it in special circumstances, permission from the fire management department is required.

3、 It is strictly prohibited to occupy fire exits and block safety exits; It is strictly prohibited to occupy or block fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and fire-fighting equipment, and to ensure that the channel exits are unobstructed. Firefighting equipment is always available.

4、 It is strictly prohibited to misuse, dismantle, or stop using fire equipment and equipment without authorization. Any behavior that damages equipment markings shall be dealt with seriously, and serious consequences shall be submitted to the public security department for handling. All employees shall be called upon to report any behavior that damages fire equipment and markings.

5、 Equip fire-fighting equipment according to relevant regulations.

6、 Full time personnel conduct daily inspections of the use of fire-fighting equipment, and conduct inspections once a day, month, or year according to the performance requirements of fire-fighting equipment. Firefighting equipment that does not meet the standards should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner.

What should be noted when selecting fire protection equipment channels? How should fire-fighting equipment be managed and used? If you want to learn more about fire protection knowledge, you can click on our official customer service of Fire Protection Network for online consultation.

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