How Does a HFC-227ea Fire Extinguisher Extinguish Fire?

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When a fire occurs, HFC-227ea is quickly released from the outlet of the tank. It quickly removes oxygen from the fire scene and lowers the fire temperature to achieve the goal of extinguishing the fire. Although HFC-227ea is relatively stable at room temperature, it decomposes at high temperatures and produces hydrogen fluoride, a gas with a strong pungent odor. In addition, its other combustion products include carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These gases do not leave any particles or oily residues after release and have no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer (ODP value is zero).

HFC-227ea is an efficient and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent, which mainly uses chemical methods to extinguish fires and also has a physical extinguishing effect. This gas is colorless, odorless, low toxic, does not conduct electricity, does not pollute protected items, and does not cause damage to property and precision equipment. It can reliably extinguish Class B and Class C fires, as well as electrical fires, and can perform well even at lower extinguishing concentrations.


HFC-227ea fire extinguisher

HFC-227ea has a small storage space, high critical temperature, and low critical pressure, so it can be liquefied and stored at room temperature. This fire extinguishing agent completely vaporizes in the atmosphere without leaving any residue. It also has good electrical insulation and is suitable for various types of fires, including electrical fires, liquid fires, fusible solid fires, and solid surface fires. Before extinguishing the fire, it can cut off the gas source and further prevent the spread of the fire.

The HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system is divided into two types: with pipe network and without pipe network (cabinet type). The pipeline network system can be divided into internal pressure storage system and external pressure storage system, with the main difference being the different transmission distances of fire extinguishing agents. The transmission distance of the internal pressure storage system usually does not exceed 60 meters, while the transmission distance of the external pressure storage system can reach 220 meters. The fire extinguishing agent storage bottles of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system with a pipeline network are usually stored in a dedicated steel cylinder room. By connecting through the pipeline network, in the event of a fire, the extinguishing agent will be transported from the steel cylinders through the pipeline network to the protective area that needs to be extinguished, and sprayed out through the nozzle for extinguishing.

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