Introduction To The Characteristics Of The Sprinkler

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The price of sprinkler heads varies depending on their type and is influenced by various factors, including materials, manufacturing processes, local production conditions, investment costs, etc. In addition, residents' awareness of fire protection is also an important factor affecting the price of sprinkler heads. With the development of society, the variety of sprinkler heads is constantly increasing, suitable for different fire scenarios.

Due to the important role that sprinkler heads play in enhancing our fire safety awareness and being energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, the recognition of sprinkler heads in society is gradually increasing. The price of sprinkler heads used for fire protection is relatively high due to their high requirements and fine workmanship. Sprinkler heads used for agricultural irrigation are more common, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive.


In engineering design, if it is indeed difficult to arrange a balanced pipeline network for the HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing system and a non-balanced pipeline network is needed, a pressure reducing orifice plate can be set at the nozzle inlet to perform secondary pressure reduction on the fire extinguishing agent, so that the flow rate, pressure, and spraying time of each nozzle are consistent. The price of sprinkler heads should comply with national unified regulations and norms, and professional firefighters are responsible for installation and use. Before installation, carefully read the instructions and precautions to ensure that the power supply and other related equipment are turned off and the switch is turned off, in order to avoid personal injury caused by excessive pressure or abnormal situations during the installation process. In addition, a trial run should be conducted before use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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