Introduction To The Installation Of Pipe Network Type HFC-227ea Fire Extinguishing System

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The HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system is an efficient and reliable fire extinguishing solution, particularly suitable for extinguishing solid surface fires, liquid fires, gas fires that can cut off gas sources, and electrical fires. This system is mainly based on a pipeline network and is widely used to protect buildings and large protected areas with multiple protection zones. According to the configuration method, it can be divided into unit independent systems and combination allocation systems. Its main components include fire extinguishing agent bottle group, driving gas bottle group, manifold, selection valve, nozzle, low leakage and high sealing valve, and signal feedback device.

During the installation process, on-site personnel need to conduct a detailed inspection of the fire extinguishing agent steel cylinder to ensure that there are no obvious scratches on the paint surface of the cylinder, and there are no signs of impact or obvious potholes on the cylinder body. At the same time, check if there is any air leakage or bubbles at the connection between the steel cylinder and the container valve. The container valve should have a good appearance, no signs of impact, and ensure that the red protective nut on the top can be easily removed to install the pressure gauge. In addition, it is necessary to check if the gasket is missing.


In addition to inspecting the steel cylinder and container valve, it is also necessary to conduct an unboxing inspection to check if other accessories of the product are complete, including fire extinguishing agent cylinder frame, driving gas cylinder frame, gas driver, pressure gauge, driving gas cylinder group (including container valve, container, electromagnetic drive device, pressure gauge, etc.), connecting pipe, one-way valve, manifold, low pressure and high sealing valve, safety relief device, selection valve (not required for independent unit systems) Signal feedback device, nozzle, nozzle cover (optional), certificate of conformity, and installation nameplate, etc. These meticulous inspection measures ensure the reliability and safety of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system, providing strong guarantees for protecting personnel and property safety.

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