Is HFC-227ea Safe?

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HFC-227ea is a colorless and odorless gas with high boiling point, non-conductive and non corrosive properties, and its molecular formula is CF3CHFCF3. Its fire extinguishing mechanism mainly suppresses chemical chain reactions, while also having a cooling effect. HFC-227ea has a small storage space and low working pressure, but it should be noted that it can produce harmful synthetic compounds such as hydrogen fluoride (HF) at high temperatures.

Normally, HFC-227ea is suitable for protecting places with less crowded personnel such as electronic devices and archives, as it does not cause damage to powered equipment, nor does it damage electronic instruments, computers, software, data files, communication equipment, or complex medical equipment. Meanwhile, HFC-227ea will not leave any harmful residue after extinguishing the fire.

HFC-227ea fire extinguishing agent

However, safety issues still need to be taken into account when using HFC-227ea for firefighting. When a fire needs to be extinguished, personnel should be evacuated first. Due to the harmful synthesis of HFC-227ea at high temperatures, mainly hydrogen fluoride (HF), this gas has a spicy odor. When the concentration reaches 10% or more, people may feel uncomfortable, and prolonged exposure may even pose a life-threatening risk.

Therefore, when selecting HFC-227ea as a fire extinguishing agent, its safety and applicability should be fully considered, and necessary protective measures should be taken to ensure personnel safety and fire extinguishing effectiveness.

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