Is The HFC-227ea Fire Extinguishing System Harmful?

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The HFC-227ea is an efficient and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent that can reliably extinguish Class B and C fires as well as electrical fires with a lower extinguishing concentration. It has small storage space, high critical temperature, and low critical pressure, so it can be liquefied and stored at room temperature. This fire extinguishing agent completely vaporizes in the atmosphere without leaving any residue, has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer (ODP value is zero), and stays in the atmosphere for only 31-42 years, meeting environmental requirements.

HFC-227ea fire extinguishing agent has good cleanliness, completely vaporizes in the atmosphere, and has no residue. It also has good electrical insulation and is suitable for various types of fires, including electrical fires, liquid fires, fusible solid fires, and solid surface fires. Before extinguishing the fire, it can cut off the gas source and further prevent the spread of the fire. In addition, the fire extinguishing design concentration of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system should not be less than 1.3 times the fire extinguishing concentration, and the inerting design concentration should not be less than 1.1 times the inerting concentration. For gas and liquid protected area fires with explosion risks, inert design concentration should be used for fire protection design; For gas and liquid protected areas without explosion risk, the fire extinguishing design concentration should be used for fire protection design.


The gas cylinders of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system have a certain pressure to ensure that the cylinders can spray the extinguishing gas. There is a pressure gauge above each gas cylinder, and under normal circumstances, the gauge pointer indicates the pressure value inside the cylinder. If the gas cylinder has not been started for a long time, the indicator needle of the pressure gauge will fall back to the "zero" position. At this time, just use a wrench to loosen the nut of the pressure gauge interface a bit, slightly release the pressure inside the cylinder, so that the pressure gauge pointer can be "pressed" back to the normal indicating position, and then tighten the pressure gauge nut. If the pressure gauge indicator has not yet returned when the nut is loosened to a certain position, the nut should be tightened immediately to determine that the actual pressure inside the gas cylinder is insufficient and the cylinder needs to be refilled. In addition, there is a circular small hole above each gas cylinder, which is the pressure relief hole when the gas cylinder is overpressure. If the gasket of the pressure relief hole is damaged, it can also gradually release the pressure inside the gas cylinder.

Be careful when operating! Two people are required to be present and open the machine room door to maintain indoor air circulation. Short survival period in nature, high fire extinguishing efficiency, and no toxicity at a certain design concentration, suitable for maintenance areas with permanent staff. Harmful?

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