Regular Inspection Of HFC-227ea Fire Extinguishing Equipment

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For HFC-227ea fire extinguishing equipment, regular maintenance by professional technicians is required to ensure its normal operation. These inspections include checking whether the appearance of the equipment is normal, and whether there are any damaged or rusted components. If any abnormalities are found, they should be promptly reported to professional personnel for maintenance and repair. Regular inspections are an important prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of equipment, and relevant national departments have also stipulated the requirements for regular inspections of HFC-227ea fire extinguishing equipment.

The items that need to be checked every month include:

There are no abnormal changes in the appearance of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing equipment;

Normal working condition;

There are no abnormalities in the pipeline and pipeline network;

The labels and indicators are normal.

The items that need to be checked every three months include:

The pressure of the HFC-227ea fire extinguishing agent storage bottle should be checked to see if the gauge needle is in the green zone. If it is less than the green zone, nitrogen should be filled into the green zone;

Start the pressure of the gas cylinder and check if the gauge needle is in the green zone. If it is less than the green zone, inflate it.

HFC-227ea fire extinguishing equipment

The annual inspection items include:

Dismantle the fire extinguishing agent storage bottle and check the net weight of the fire extinguishing agent by weighing. If it is less than 5% of the rated value, the cause should be identified and cleaned, and the fire extinguishing agent should be replenished at the same time;

Remove the relay from the starting gas tank and perform a simulated fire extinguishing start operation. Observe the status of the relay (i.e. conduct an overall test in conjunction with the alarm equipment). When operating this item, the startup pipeline and startup bottle should be disassembled first to avoid accidental contact and system spray.

Through these regular inspections and maintenance, the normal operation of HFC-227ea fire extinguishing equipment can be ensured and its reliability can be improved. At the same time, this also complies with the regulations of relevant national departments and helps to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

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