What Are The Main Advantages Of HFC-227ea?

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As a gas fire extinguishing agent, HFC-227ea has significant advantages. Firstly, it does not produce any residue, is non-conductive, and usually does not cause secondary pollution. This makes it an ideal fire extinguishing agent, suitable for extinguishing electronic equipment, precision instruments, valuable instruments, archives, books and other paper, silk or magnetic media information carriers. Compared with dry powder fire extinguishers, HFC-227ea does not leave any ash or stains after extinguishing the fire, maintaining the cleanliness of the items.

Secondly, HFC-227ea has almost no adverse effects on the human body at the fire extinguishing design concentration. This is in stark contrast to other gas fire extinguishing agents such as IG541 and carbon dioxide, which have toxicity at extinguishing concentrations and are therefore not suitable for use in places with personnel present.

In addition, the extinguishing speed of HFC-227ea is faster than that of carbon dioxide and IG541. This means that in the same fire situation, the gas fire extinguishing system using HFC-227ea as the extinguishing agent requires fewer steel cylinders, occupies a smaller area, and has lower layout requirements. This provides greater flexibility for places such as libraries where people are staying, making cabinet fire suppression systems a viable option.


Another advantage of HFC-227ea is that the extinguishing time is usually completed within 1 minute and there will be no reignition phenomenon. This means that once the fire is extinguished, it will be completely eliminated, reducing the risk of reignition.

Although the initial cost of a HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system may be high, with an installation price of over 500 yuan per 4KG, its long-term economic benefits cannot be ignored. Compared to IG541 and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems, the secondary filling cost of HFC-227ea is higher. However, considering its excellent performance and applicability, HFC-227ea remains a worthwhile fire extinguishing solution to invest in.

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