What Are The Specifications Of Cabinet Type HFC-227ea Gas Fire Extinguishers?

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In large host rooms and public buildings, cabinet type HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing systems have become important safety protection equipment. According to the area requirements of different locations, different specifications of HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing equipment can be selected. At present, there are five specifications of cabinet type HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing systems, namely 40L, 70L, 100L, 120L, and 150L, to meet the needs of different places.

Compared with traditional fire extinguishing systems, the cabinet type HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing system does not require a dedicated storage room, and all cabinet doors are located within the nature reserve, which greatly saves indoor space and avoids usage problems caused by site limitations. In addition, in the event of a fire, the system can quickly release extinguishing materials, shorten material transfer time, and more effectively respond to emergency situations.


The above is an introduction to the specifications of the cabinet type HFC-227ea gas fire extinguishing system. I believe everyone has a basic understanding of its five specifications.

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